Your next step is to connect with our ministry by attending one of our Starting Point sessions. These sessions offer you more information about Harvest Pointe's mission, values, outreach and ways you can become involved in the ministry as a partner. Continue to check the calendar, and Starting Pointe page to see upcoming sessions. These sessions may be offered online or at our facility. If you are interested in attending a session, please fill out our connection form and indicate Starting Pointe. You may also check any other interest.

What's Next?

Connect With Us

We would love to connect with you and share the exciting things going on here at Harvest Pointe. Just text the word CONNECT to (803) 590-8406, or fill out our connection form to the right.


If you are in need of prayer today or any day of the week, our prayer team will be happy to pray for you. You can text the word PRAYER to (843) 492-4723, or fill out the prayer request form below.

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